Welcome to the Web site for my (Joe Bambenek's) ordination to the priesthood of Jesus Christ and subsequent Masses of Thanksgiving!  It is my hope and prayer that this time of grace in my life will also be a time of grace for you.

This site contains various types of logistical information which I hope you will find helpful for attending the ordination or subsequent Masses of Thanksgiving.  I would especially like to call your attention to the "Homilies/Mass Guides" tab/page, which contains:

  • A series of documents for those who are less familiar with a Catholic Mass which can be printed and brought to church that describe, more or less step by step, what is happening.
  • Text of the homilies (sermons) I preached at the various Masses of Thanksgiving after they have occurred.

For those who live far away and are not be able to make it to the ordination or one of the currently scheduled Masses of Thanksgiving, it is my hope (contingent upon the responsibilities of my priesthood assignment) that during my first year of priesthood I will be able to return to a number of churches that have been important to me and celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving.  If additional Masses of Thanksgiving are scheduled,  I will update this Web site accordingly and contact family and friends who live in the area.


"Encourage each other daily, while it is still today." - Hebrews 3:13